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Why the pace of "slimming" package in our country is so slow?

Why the pace of "slimming" package in our country is so slow?

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Our government officially implemented the new standard of Requirement on Limiting Over Package of Goods - Food and Cosmetics in Apr. 2010, demanding to "slim" packages of food and cosmetics. Over the past two years, the effect is not obvious...
Our government officially implemented the new standard of Requirement on Limiting Over Package of Goods - Food and Cosmetics in Apr. 2010, demanding to "slim" packages of food and cosmetics. Over the past two years, the effect is not obvious. A friend of the journalist complained about t a case of moon cake given by his company on Mid-autumn Festival. There were only 3 moon cakes in the large case. Since it's showy and not substantial, he believed that sellers have fraudulent practice. Maybe we should rethink why the pace of "slimming" package in our country is so slow.
Chinese people is sensitive about their reputation, especially in giving presents. Therefore, in choosing gifts, people will consider their packages in addition to price. Demand determines supply. Even if new rules on "slimming" are placed before sellers, many sellers will still ignore them. Thus, besides complaining about sellers, should customers blame for themselves?
Modern society is increasingly call for low carbon life style. Besides saving water and electricity, we should set about from each aspect of the life and start from the little things, such as packaging "slimming" and "simple packaging" advocating. This not only reduces burden for our living environment and creates sustainable living environment for the descendants but also "reduce pressure" for our purse. Then, why not do it?
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