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Look at corrugated packaging from four aspects

Look at corrugated packaging from four aspects

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At present, there are over 40,000 corrugated case enterprises and more than 4,000 corrugated paper board production lines in our country, with backward capacity accounting for over 60%. Without industrial entry threshold..
Status quo of corrugated packaging
At present, there are over 40,000 corrugated case enterprises and more than 4,000 corrugated paper board production lines in our country, with backward capacity accounting for over 60%. Without industrial entry threshold, backward overcapacity, low industrial concentration ratio and serious low price competition, there's a large development gap between the entire industry and upstream and downstream of industrial chain and most enterprises make meager profit and are even defective. At present, 70%-80% of corrugated packaging industry capacity is concentrated in eastern coastal areas. Once central and western regions develop, many plants will spring up with more and more plant area and investment. Thus, if no regulations are made, overcapacity in coastal areas will put on an old play in central and western regions.
In corrugated packaging industry, there are few large enterprises and state-owned enterprises but many private enterprises scattered everywhere. With a small size, it is invaded by numerous foreign-funded brands. For example, Schott Glaswerke AG from German entered Chinese market with its strong technical and economic power. During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, our corrugated packaging industry needs integration to form some large and associated enterprises through such means as enterprise combination, purchase and merger to drive healthy development of the industry.