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There will still have a upward tendency in the industry, with the fast development of China’s economy, the improvement of people’s living standard, the increase of the hospitalization cost caused by aging of population...
There will still have a upward tendency in the industry, with the fast development of China’s economy, the improvement of people’s living standard, the increase of the hospitalization cost caused by aging of population, the reinforce of the development of the new medicines, the rapid reformation of the medical security system, and the expansion of the medical insurance for urban residents. In addition, the quality of the packing materials and the packing box categories are far more less than those of the international standard. According to the investigation, in the developed countries the value of the package is up to 30% of the whole products value. However, in China the value of the package accounted for less than 10% of the whole products value. Thus, the following years will be the fast development period in China’s packing industry.
The Twelfth Five-Year Plan (Draft for Approval) for the Packing Box Industry indicates that the packing box is an essential part of the industry. The materials (having important impacts on medical quality and medication safety) of the packing box and the container that have direct contact with medicines are the base elements for pharmaceutical. Thus, in the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the Packing Box Industry, we shall put same attention to packing and medication, rather than treat packing as a supporting industry, and shall clear and definite its status in the national industry plan. The research of the packing materials and the development of the medicine shall be in the synchronous progress. We shall give more policy supports to the packing industry. And these polity sports shall reflect the industrial policies of the packing material, and its products sphere, techno-sphere, and the development direction of those key developed products.
With the rapid development of the modern industries and the sustaining improvement of people’s living standard, people’s demands for the folding cartons will keep growing and we shall have higher standards for paper box’s quality. In order to avoid the automatic folding papering machine to produce the defective products, and to make the folding cartons to unfold, shape up, backfill, seal and finish other crafts, it is necessary for the paper box to have reasonable designed structure and size, as well as to ensure the paperboard to have sufficient cutting mold accuracy and folding papering accuracy. In addition, the packing industry is also facing the market pressure and problems like the increase of the short-run knocked down parts, the improvement of the processing quality, and the reduce of the produce cost. In order to resolve these problems, it is necessary to use of the new technology in the producing process of the paper box packing, increase the automaticity of the equipment, and to reduce the debugging time for the equipment and the supplemental and preparing time for the knocked down parts. Only by adapting the new market change, and meeting customs’ demands, can the paper box packing enterprises’ competitiveness be increased.